Roman Blinds

ROMAN BLINDS offer an elegant and polished finish to any window. These are similar to a Roller Blind however, they are designed to gather as they are drawn, offering a soft finish. We offer both Night (Block Out) and Day (Translucent) Roman Blinds in a range of styles and finishes. They are supplied chain operated or motorised. We provide top quality Roman blinds across Melbourne.


Roller Blinds

ROLLER BLINDS are a simple and cost-effective window-furnishing option that offer a clean and neat finish. We offer both Night (Block Out) and Day (Translucent) Roller Blinds in a range of styles and finishes. Roller Blinds are manufactured using high quality materials and premium hardware. They are supplied as chain operated or as motorised roller blinds across Melbourne.


Cellular Blinds

CELLULAR BLINDS tick all the boxes and are the most versatile product currently available in the market. Being elegant and stylish, this product provides supreme insulation by trapping air within each cell, creating an insulating barrier. The mechanical design of this product also allows for maximum window coverage providing near total block-out. This product can also be adapted to skylights and shaped windows. Cellular Blinds are available in both a translucent fabric and block-out with a metalized lining.


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